Clothing brand started Fall 2020 during the 3rd Semester at RISD. Runs limited drops of handprinted or personally designed clothing.
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WINTER 2020 DROP 1: "Not Just Peanut Butter". This drop revolves around black women that I wasn't taught about in school. The three designs include, Claudette Colvin, the first black girl to sit in the front of the bus, Ruby Bridges, the first black girl who was integrated into desegregated schools in the south and Althea Gibson, who was the first black woman to win the grand slam title in tennis. All these designs based off these three people were printed on to thrifted clothes and half the proceeds with go to charities in support of young black women. I chose to make this donation because I find too often black culture/people are being profited off of for their style and history. So I thought through this clothing drop I can create awareness and be able to donate to, a program in RI that “builds on the practices of strength from the past to engage in the present, and plant seeds for the future.”


Raavi and the Houseplants T-shirt

Commsioned Raavi and the houseplants 2020 T-shirt design by me in June.  Can be purchased here:


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