Amar Ahmad (work overview for INTERSCOPE)

I am a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Film and Animation. I would love to help out at Interscope in any way possible as I have experience in Music Video Editing, Animation, Filming (digital/I6mm) and Photograhpy, along with designing using Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I’ve also played music since I was young in the band “Art Slob” and have plays and set up shows/events in Boston and Rhode Island. Thanks for taking a moment to look over my work. 

35mm and Medium Format, edited with Photoshop

Video Work 

Music Videos and 2D/3D Animation

Film Stills

Stills from films that were lit and shot by me 

My Personal Music Story

I play guitar and sing in a band I created in 2014 called “Art Slob” which includes different friends playing intruments with me on each album. With this collabortaive project, I have been heavily into doing cohsive design and video work. Here are some examples:


(design on the left by me, Adrian Tiu on the right)

T-Shirt Zine

Album Cover

(created with Colby Aiosa and Leo Horton)

Music Video 

(shot with my friend Cooper Langlois)